Lights in the Heights says a sparkly goodbye!

Hello, beautiful people of Perth 

After much deliberation and discussion, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Lights in the Heights after a truly magical nine years. 

This decision has not come lightly. 

Our event, run solely by volunteers and hosted at our church premises has grown exponentially over the last nine years beginning as a modest, un-ticketed event spanning 12 nights and hosting around 

2000 people to 2022’s 6-night spectacular hosting around 13,000 people (and 2020’s drive thru pivot in there for good measure). There has been endless redesigning and restructuring to accommodate its popularity. 

We love Perth, we love spreading Christmas joy and light, but the sheer magnitude and cost of this event on our small, passionate team has taken its toll, and so it is with a heavy, but sparkly heart we believe our season has ended. 

We realise for many families, Lights in the Heights has become a family tradition, and that is why this announcement comes early in the year, so you can prepare little hearts accordingly and look to book and plan many other joyous, family festive experiences – of which Perth has many on offer. 

So where does that leave us? 

After consultation with local organisations and chaplains, we are mobilising our volunteer team and the $20,000 we use for Lights in the Heights to help local families in need. There is great need right on our doorstep due to the current financial upheaval, and so we feel compelled to redistribute the light and love that Lights in the Heights has become known for in this targeted way. This will look like hundreds of Christmas food hampers, gift cards and food vouchers distributed locally at Christmas time. You can watch our page for updates on this, nominate families in need and be a part of sharing this love.