Join us for our 2021
Lights in the Heights experience!

What will it look like?

We are launching Lights in The Heights 3.0!
We are so excited to include timeless favourites combined with exciting new experiences as we launch 2021 Lights in The Heights.

Arrive on our Lights in the Heights grounds, (after securing your ticket) and join the queue. Enter the doors to capture those timeless family photos in our festive photo booths, make sure you bring your phones!

We cannot wait for you to enter the second stop in your journey as you walk through a city of lights. Once inside and stationary we will close those doors and - bam! We'll light it up! Synchronised lights, Santa, Christmas mascots, music, Christmas displays with festive fun all around, and did someone say silent disco headsets?!

It’ll be short but oh so candy-cane sweet (just like those show rides we queue up agessss for!) – and all without the sugar crash.

Once the sequence has finished the doors will open and you will walk through a tranquil, peace-on-earth Nativity display. End your walk through a city of lights with a candy cane and a small gift in hand for your family.
We will then point you to the exit and you will leave our premises to continue on your merry, lights-tour way!

Ticket information


Session Times

Head to our ticket page to select your timeslot for any 2.5 hour session from Thursday 9th - Tuesday 14th December. All tickets are free and a maximum of 8 tickets per booking.

Thursday - Friday | 6pm-8:30pm
Saturday - Monday | 3pm-5:30pm, 6pm-8:30pm
Tuesday | 11am-1:30pm, 3pm-5:30pm, 6pm - 8:30pm

Got questions?

Check out our Lights in the Heights 2021 FAQ below to help answer any of your questions!
Lights in the Heights 2021 FAQ.pdf